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Kicking of 2022 with a new Bootcamp taking place virtually over three afternoonson February 16-18 between 12pm and 3pm CET with influential women in Product to share key learnings and actionable advice!






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Oct 12th: Day 1

Kicking of 2022 with a new Bootcamp taking place virtually over three afternoonson February 16-18 between 12pm and 3pm CET with influential women in Product to share key learnings and actionable advice!

Kate Bourdet, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Orange & Dr. Nacira Salvan, President CEFCYS

State of women in Cloud, Cyber and Engineering


How I became an ethical hacker

Mia Landsem, Pentester

at Orange Cyberdefense

Catherine Ferrary Simon, Chief People Officer at Scaleway


How to tell your story to get your dream job

Opening session: State of Women in Data & Key Trends

with Michelle Tian, CTO and Co-Founder of Passionfroot

Your career is a journey. Each diverse work experience that you have helps to build new skills and competencies. Hear from Michelle on her international journey, team management and interesting non-linear path to becoming a CTO where she shares her top 5 soft skills she picked up along the way.

12:00-1:00 CET

With Caroline Ramade, Founder & CEO of 50inTech

Data is gold: Building a solid data strategy

with Ane Diaz de Tuesta, Software Engineer at Datadog and Alison Vannier Lead Tech Recruiter at Datadog

Typically changing jobs or looking for a new job can be a bit of a nightmare... but it doesn't have to be. Learn how Ane evaluated and evolved her career path to get the job of her dreams and get her best tips on how you can do that too! And as a bonus, joining the conversation will be Alison, Tech Recruiter to share her insights on your career-change-related questions.

1:00-2:00 CET

With Magali Marion Data Strategy & Data Program Director at OVHcloud

Oct 13th: Day 2

Kicking of 2022 with a new Bootcamp taking place virtually over three afternoonson February 16-18 between 12pm and 3pm CET with influential women in Product to share key learnings and actionable advice!

Building your career path in data

with Julie Marobella, EVP of Product, Salsify

Leaders aren’t born they’re made. Join Julie as she outlines her top three key career learnings in her journey to become the EVP of Product at Salsify.

12:00-1:00 CET

With Aida Rodriguez, Head of Data and Aoife Mornard, Product Data Analyst at PayFit

with Virginie Glaenzer, Fractional CMO, Executive Advisor @AcornOak and @YinLeadership

When we think of how to level up in the workplace, our mind automatically wanders to building a list of hard, technical skills. However, soft skills are what makes a leader a great leader (and helps you to stand out from the crowd). Learn what are the top soft skills that employers want now and how can you develop them in a workshop with Virginie.

1:00-2:00 CET

What's the difference: Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst?

With Konstantina Kontoudi, PhD, Lead Data Scientist & Ruslana Adamchuk, Business Data Analyst at DataDome

with Shannon Vettes, Head of Program at Blablacar

Everyone knows that communication is key but we don’t talk often enough about how to improve the skill of effective communication. Get Shannon’s best tips and tricks for improving your credibility, and finding your voice.

2:00-3:00 CET

Becoming a responsible AI champion

With Triveni Gandhi, Ph.D Responsible AI Lead at Dataiku



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Sandra Camacho, Inclusive Design Strategist

& ex-Googler

Putting inclusivity first through the product development cycle

FEB 18
2pm CET


We are designing the future but what does that mean? What considerations must be accounted for to ensure that it is welcoming and non-discriminatory?

Join Sandra as she discusses inclusive research, design, its implications and how you can implement it in your work.

Atossa Vaziri - VP of Sales Enablement at Dataiku

Annual performance reviews season is upon us, are you ready? If not, don't worry. We're bringing Atossa from Dataiku to guide you through some of the best practices to prepare for your review.

Join us as she shares her mistakes and successes at all levels - from being a junior facing your first review to being a manager, you're sure to take home some great advice!

Sit down, DON’T be humble:

how to rock your annual performance review

NOV 26

1pm CET

Intimidated by the idea of negotiation?

How about listening to the success stories of women in Tech just like you who successfully used negotiation techniques to boost their salary by over 30%?

With the help of the 50inTech community, we're going to bring you actionable tips and tricks for negotiation.

Audrey Pedro - Scaleway

Coley Woyak - OCUS

Real stories:

how they augmented their salaries by over 30%


NOV 26

2pm CET


Kicking of 2022 with a new Bootcamp taking place virtually over three afternoonson February 16-18 between 12pm and 3pm CET with influential women in Product to share key learnings and actionable advice!

Who are we?

50inTech is a global job matching platform dedicated to self-identified women in Tech. We source top companies in Tech and evaluate them on four key pillars (anti-discrimination, equal pay, work-life balance, fair career path) to create an inclusive, free job board. In addition to our job board, we provide career-boosting resources like virtual events to our community, work with inclusive organizations and support the DEI missions of our partner companies.

When we say "women" what does that mean?

By “women” we refer to any individual who self-identifies as a woman, including cis-gendered and trans women, and non-binary and gender queer people who experience discrimination based on societal gender norms.

Who can join 50inTech?

50inTech is inclusive to any individual who self-identifies as a woman. This means cis-gendered and trans women, non-binary and gender queer people affected by discrimination based on societal gender norms, are more than welcome to join our community.

Why are 50inTech and our events free?

Part of our mission is to give access to conversations and resources on how to grow and upskill careers: charging our attendees contradicts that mission.

Is this event only available to women?

No, everyone is welcome to attend the event and join the platform. We believe in inclusion and wish for anyone to join and partake, adhering respectively to our Code of Conduct.

How can I interact during the event?

We highly encourage and love your interaction during our events since they are built for you. Please use the Q&A tool to ask your questions or encourage others and share experiences in the chat.

How can I connect to the virtual event?

Connection information will be sent to your email address a few days before the event as well as the morning of the event.

What about accessibility and inclusion?

Live closed-captions will be available in all sessions. Speakers have been briefed to explain all visuals/charts. There will be full a replay available after the event. If you have any specific requests, please email

Do I need to attend every session?

Not at all. Feel free to join in according to your schedule!

Oops, I missed a session, what can I do?

We will be providing post-recordings for any talks that have explicit consent from speakers on the 50inTech platform.

What is your Code of Conduct?

We are dedicated to provide a harassment-free event experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event at the discretion of the organisers.

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Want to end the gender pay gap?

It's time you take matters in your own hands and we're here to help.

Train to negotiate that better salary, that raise or promotion with international experts in business coaching, education, human resources... you don't want to miss our soon to launch program!






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Real stories: How they increased their salary by over 30%


Audrey Pedro - Scaleway

Coley Woyak - Ocus

Julie Boutrous - Deepomatic

Meri Williams - CTO at Healx


XXX - balbalblalbl

at Payfit


You can negotiate for more than just money.


How to master your annual review: get that raise.

Atossa V. - VP of Sales Enablement at Dataiku

Let’s stop negotiating like men. Negotiatress skills you need to know.

Yasmine Guerin - Expert in negotiation


Status of Salary equality


How to negotiate without fear.

Meri Williams - CTO @Healx




"Be The Tech Leader You Want to Be"

V Brennan

Regional Lead



Rebecca Amsellem

Founder at Les Glorieuses

& feminist activist

"All we need is transparency in salary"


"Maternity Comeback Coaching"

Gimena Diaz

VP EMEA at Onfido

ex VP at Ebay & Paypal Europe


“First of all, fantastic idea and experience. I've been telling so many of my friends around it, my partner even asked me where he could find something similar, because it just sounds so good! I am very grateful.”

Mentor of 2020 Bootcamp

“My mentor in particular is incredible, I really appreciate the fact that she's spending her time on mentoring me and she gives me a lot of power to push forward!”

Attendee of 2020 Bootcamp

Attendee of 2020 bootcamp

“Thanks to the 50inTech negotiation bootcamp and mentorship, I negotiated a 50% raise for a new job earlier this year. I had multiple offers for my desired salary from companies who value women and diversity, all while leaving room for career growth.